The Seventh International Percussion Workshops


The Seventh International Percussion Workshops

August, 1-10th 2017

Organisers: Foundation Music-Talent-Passion
Place: The Complex of State Music Schools nr 4 in Warsaw

Co-financed with funds from The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Aims of the workshops:The VII International Percussion Workshop – Warsaw 2017 is the continuation of the former editions, which has taken places in Lublin since 2012.
Our main goal is to develop and deepen interest among those involved with percussion- pupils, teachers, theoreticians, composers in our country, especially in Eastern Poland, as well as in neighbouring Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Slovakia, using modern methods of education. A very important goal of the workshop is to increase the performance level of music students in Poland, exchanging didactic thoughts, activating the pedagogic society to get to know new methods, achievements and acknowledgments in the sphere of performance technique, interpretation, and percussion literature, as well as cultural exchange with musicians from neighbouring countries. Workshop sessions will be based on traditional, contemporary and new – either solo or collective – percussion repertoires. At concerts participants will have a chance to present pieces worked on during the workshop lessons under the guidance of Polish and foreign professors. An additional task is the education of children from 6 to 10 years old.

The workshop curriculum enhances learning and improvement of playing on such percussion instruments as :

  1. snare drum
  2. tympani
  3. xylophone
  4. marimba
  5. vibraphone
  6. ethnic instruments
  7. drumset and multipercussion

Other workshop tasks are:

  1. familiarisation with contemporary percussion literature
  2. interpretation of solo pieces on particular percussion instruments
  3. work with a percussion group
  4. practice sessions to improve the level of playing
  5. applying techniques on all percussion instruments

The teaching staff comprise percussionists with the highest qualifications, jurors of national Polish competitions and auditions and personalities representing different academic and artistic centres from Poland and abroad. The other aspect of the workshop is to prepare children and young people for an active cultural life, giving students the opportunity to develop musically, culturally and socially during their vacations. In addition there will be meetings with distinguished luminaries and a chance to know the historical monuments of the Warsaw area.

Accommodation, workshop participants organize their own.

Artistic director : Dr hab. Stanisław Halat


  • Prof. Jacek Wota – AM we Wrocławiu,
  • Prof. Stanisław Skoczyński – UMFC w Warszawie,
  • Dr hab. Karol Szymanowski – AM w Bydgoszczy,
  • Dr hab. Stanisław Halat – UMCS w Lublinie, ZPSM nr 4 w Warszawie
  • Mgr Sylwia Żytyńska – Akademia Muzyczna w Bazylei, Szwajcaria
  • Mgr Andrzej Kaczmarczyk – Szkoła Muzyczna im. S. Wiechowicza w Krakowie,
  • Andrei Verishka /Białoruś/ – Szkoła Muzyczna w Mińsku, Białoruś
  • Mgr Cezary Konrad – wybitny perkusista jazzowy


Co-financed with funds from The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage